Customer Centric Selling

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Customer Centric Selling

Would it help if, when engaged with a potential prospect, your sales people understood and could execute a sales process, through a repeatable systematic sales process that they could follow to take a prospect from interest development to closure, so that your company could begin to eliminate or minimize those loses to ‘no decision’?

How You Will Benefit

In this sales training workshop, sales people will learn how to execute the key selling skills, including:

  • Having situational  conversations versus making  sales presentations

  • Asking relevant questions versus offering opinions

  • Solution focused versus relation focused

  • Relating product usage versus relying on product

  • Managing their managers versus needing to be managed

  • Empowering buyers versus attempting to sell them

What You Will Cover

  • Core Concepts of Customer Centric Selling

  • Traditional versus Customer Centric Selling

  • Integrating the Sales and  the Marketing Process

  • Features versus Customer Usage

  • Creating Sales Ready Messaging

  • Marketing’s Role in Demand Creation

  • Business Development: The Hardest Part of A Sales Job

  • Developing Buyer’s Vision through Sales Ready Messaging

  • Qualifying Buyers

  • Negotiating and Getting the Commitments

  • Proactively Managing Sales Pipelines

  • Assessing and Developing Sales People

  • Driving Revenue Via Channels

  • Making Your Sales Process A Competitive Advantage


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