Organizational Assessments

We provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your organization’s workplace wellness, by  collecting  data from four important sources:

Workplace Wellness Survey

Our workplace wellness survey explores  various dimensions of personal and workplace-related wellness and is represented by its own set of pertinent questions and psychometric scales.
Our Workplace Wellness Survey is entirely anonymous and requires 15-25 minutes to complete.

Site Visit

HOM  team members tour your workplace to complete an environmental scan. We evaluate the facilities for environmental factors that may affect staff wellness, including access to healthy food, opportunities for physical activity, workplace safety, and other supports for employee wellness.

Focus Groups and Key Informant Interviews
HOM  team members engage in group and individual interviews with organization leadership and key employees. These interviews are opportunities to learn about the organization from multiple perspectives.

Evaluation of Current Wellness Programming
We will evaluate the current programming that is already being promoted at your organization as well as review current employee health benefits and health-related policies, including medical insurance, worker’s compensation, and employee assistance programs.

Data Analysis and Interpretation
Once all data is collected, HOM will analyze, integrate and summarize the information. We interpret this information from the perspective of your organization’s stated mission, goals and wellness needs. You will receive a detailed wellness assessment report, which includes:

  • Analysis of the employee participants including employee demographics, type and length of employment, and role (position) in the organization
  • Charts summarizing the employees’ overall ratings of satisfaction with each of the 8 dimensions of wellness
  • Detailed qualitative analysis of interviews and focus groups, highlighting strengths and areas of growth at the systemic, occupational, and interpersonal levels
  • Summary of the wellness related features and deficiencies observed during the environmental scan
  • Analysis of employee benefits, policies, and wellness programming
  • Highlights of the employees’ ratings on each of the personal and workplace wellness survey scales
  • Detailed, pragmatic recommendations for moving forward in building an organizational culture of wellness.

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