Failure Mode Analysis

  • Course Duration1 Day
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  • Course Fee1400 EGP
  • Certificate Yes

Gain a working knowledge of the FMEA process as it is applied to products, processes, or systems. Identify potential modes of failure and indicate their relationship to product design or manufacturing process using a systematic approach

Who Should Attend:

Anyone trying to identify and reduce risk: design and/or process managers and engineers, or personnel in the fields of manufacturing, quality assurance, reliability research, development, and safety engineering.

How You Will Benefit

  • Review and discuss various tips and tools of facilitating an FMEA
  •  Define types of FMEA's
  •  Know the important benefits of FMEA
  •  Be familiar with components of FMEA
  •  Understand process requirements

    What You Will Learn

  • Types and differences of FMEA
  • How FMEA is used in the industry
  • Benefits of FMEA
  • Identify FMEA teams
  • Develop a design and process FMEA

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