Successful Product Management

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Successful Product Management

This seminar provides a great opportunity for you to discover the tools and techniques you need to effectively manage the increasingly complexity of product management. From product portfolio planning, key tasks of a product management , to understanding critical reports and calculating break-even sales formulas, this seminar will enable you to  prepare your marketing plan.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the whys and hows of the product management system—and how to make the best use of it

  • Set priorities and manage the profitability of your products or services

  • Manage the financial aspects of product management

  • Learn the key components of an effective business plan—and practice developing one

What You will Cover

The Current Product Management Structure

  • Describe the Key Product Management Attributes

  • Develop a Definition of the Term “Product Manager”

  • Understand the PM’s Role Today and Tomorrow


  • Apply the Best-Practice SWOT Analysis Model

  • Understand Branding from a Product Manager’s Perspective

  • Describe the Strategic Planning Pyramid

  • What Is the  Competitive Advantage Concept

  • Determine the Key Strategic Positions in the Market Mode

Product Portfolio Planning

  • Pinpoint the Differences for Various Products in Your Portfolio

  • Identify the Differences for Various Markets in Your Portfolio

  • Apply a Business Screen Analysis to Make Overall Strategic Decisions on How to Support Your Product or Service

The Annual Marketing Plan Model

  • Identify a Format for the “Best Practice” Annual Marketing Plan

  • Describe the Core Strategic Elements That Belong in an Annual Marketing Plan

  • Discuss Applications in the Business Cycle

The Main Tasks of a Product Manager

  • Understand How to Conduct a Market Analysis

  • Define and Develop a Feature/Benefit Analysis

  • Apply a Best-Practice Segmentation Model

  • Design a Budget Control System

  • Develop a Packaging Strategy

  • Generate a Focused Sales Forecast

  • Demonstrate a Best-Practice Probability Model

  • Identify the Core Pricing Strategies

Strategic Key Reports

  • Identify the Basic Reports

  • Outline a Project List

  • Discuss a Forecast Report

  • Describe a Field Trip Report

  • Outline a Marketing Tech Team Report

  • Understand the Need for a Monthly Report

Finance for Product Managers

  • Understand the Critical Basic Accounting Principles

  • Discover the Elements in a Profit and a Loss Statement

  • Identify the Differences Between Fixed and Variable Costs

  • Calculate Break-Even Sales Formulas

Who Should Attend

Product managers and brand marketers and directors, and those who interact with them.

Note: Attendees should have two years of marketing experience.

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