Financial Budgeting

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Financial Budgeting

This financial budgeting course will teach you about the entire budgeting process from start to finish, including how to create a disciplined culture of budgeting in your organization, the various methods for building budgets, techniques to analyze results, and how to increase the chances of organizational performance improvements.

Who Should Attend

  • Finance specialists/ managers

  • Accountants

  • Entrepreneurs

How You Will Benefit

  • Adopt a disciplined approach to developing budgets
  • Forecast results with quantitative and qualitative methods
  • Effectively use variance analysis to track performance
  • Present results with charts and graphs

What You Will Cover

  • Budgeting within a strategic framework

  • Building a robust budgeting process

  • Managing budget psychology

  • A practical guide to developing budgets

  • Common budgeting approaches (e.g. Incremental, value-based, zero-based, etc.)

  • Forecasting techniques (moving average, regression analysis, etc.)

  • Tracking budget performance with variance analysis (waterfall charts, etc.)

  • Applied budgeting tools and techniques (Excel, solver, pivot tables, etc.


You are expected to have either completed the stated prerequisite course(s) or possess the equivalent knowledge prior to enrolling in this course:

  • Accounting Fundamentals
  • Excel Crash Course

Training Approach

Your training experience with HOM includes:

  • Pre- program assessments to clarify your development needs

  • In class highly engaging experiential leaning activities

  • Post –program ongoing support through application tool kits and  phone call coaching sessions





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