Effective Presentation Through Story Boarding

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Effective Presentation Through Storyboarding

This seminar provides the basics of developing an effective business presentation based on the storyboarding approach. 

Storyboarding refers to developing the “story” that the presentation will follow. This document presents the A3 storyboard format which was developed by Toyota and used by many consulting firms and other organizations. 

Who Should Attend

Anyone who is interested in advancing their career by demonstrating more creativity in your presentation skills.

How You Will Benefit

You will be able to document your thoughts, structure it interactivity and functionally.

What You Will Learn

  • Introduction to Storyboarding 

  • Seven elements of A3 storyboarding 

  • The PDCA approach 

  • Relationship between PDCA and A3 

  • A Step-by- step guide to creating storyboarding presentations

Training Approach

Your training experience with HOM includes:

  • Pre- program assessments to clarify your development needs

  • In class highly engaging experiential leaning activities

  • Post –program ongoing support through application tool kits and  phone call coaching sessions


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