Critical and Creative Thinking Skills

  • Course Duration2 Days
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  • Course Fee2550 EGP
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Critical and Creative Thinking Skills

Do you have trouble getting creative thinking solutions from your team?  In this 2 days seminar, you will discover new ways to break through mental barriers, thinking roadblocks—in order to improve performance, stimulate creative thinking and unleash the creative potential in yourself and your team.

Who Should Attend  

All business professionals who want to enhance their thinking processes to achieve better results in business.

How You Will Benefit

  • Practice creative thinking methods to generate ideas and solutions

  • Turn existing problems into opportunities for growth

  • Discover new techniques for securing enthusiasm for new initiatives

  • Encourage out-of-the-box thinking

  • Apply creative thinking techniques to foster innovation and improve systems, products and processes

  • Enhance morale, group performance and collaboration

What You Will Learn

  • Assessing Your own Thinking Style

  • Programmed Thinking and Lateral Thinking

  • The Creative Frame of Mind

  • Using Creativity Tools

  • Boosting Your Creativity Ability

  • Encouraging Team Creativity

  • Critical Thinking and Basic Logic

  • Cognitive Reflection Test (CRT)

Training Approach

Your training experience with HOM includes:

  • Pre- program assessments to clarify your development needs

  • In class highly engaging experiential leaning activities

  • Post –program ongoing support through application tool kits and  phone call coaching sessions



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